Alfrodin in a Nutshell

Highly integrated

Alfrodin is built as an Add-In for Microsoft Outlook®, which enables Microsoft Office® users working with a familiar user interface to access Alfresco® documents.

productivity features

Alfrodin document and folder features empower users to manage Alfresco documents in an efficient and convinient way.

Access Microsoft Outlook® e-mails with ease

Since Alfrodin is fully integrated within Microsoft Outlook®, managing e-mails together with Alfresco® documents becomes a really hasslefree task.

Microsoft Windows® desktop client for Alfresco®

The Alfresco® webbased user interface is great to manage Alfresco® documents using a webbrowser without any platform resctrictions. But the webbased client is in many cases an additional piece of software which has to be used by the users managing their e-mails and Alfresco® documents. Alfrodin addresses this issue and enables Microsoft Outlook® users using one consistent tool to manage their e-mails as well as their Alfresco® documents.

Easy to install

The Alfrodin installer package is based on the default Windows installer technlogy (msi) and requires only a few clicks to install Alfrodin on your Windows workstation.

Supported Alfresco® versions

Alfrodin should be compatible with all Alfresco versions starting from version 5.0.b (Community and Enterprise) and higher.



Matthias Bauernberger

Matthias Bauernberger MSc.

Software Architecture and Development
Matthias Bauernberger Software

Alfrodin seamlessly integrates the open source software Alfresco® as well Microsoft Outlook® within one consistent user interface.

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