Alfrodin FAQs

Q. What ist the meaning of the name Alfrodin?

The name Alfrodin is an acronym and refers to Alfresco® Outlook® Add-In.

Q. Which software products will be integrated by Alfrodin?

Microsoft Outlook® as well as the open source enterprise content management system Alfresco®.

Q. Alfresco® already comes with an HTML-based user interface. Why do you provide with Alfrodin another Alfresco® client software?

Long story short: Alfrodin is fully integrated in Microsoft Outlook® and provides therefore hasslefree management of e-mails as well as Alfresco® documents within one consistent user interface.

Q. Which versions of Microsoft Outlook® are supported by Alfrodin?

All versions of Microsoft Outlook® starting from Microsoft Office 2010 (these are Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 and 2016).

Q. Which versions of Alfresco® are supported by Alfrodin?

Alfrodin should be compatible with all Alfresco® versions starting from version 5.0.b (Community and Enterprise) and higher.

Q. What are the Alfrodin runtime prerequisites? What if one of the necessary components is missing on my workstation?

Alfrodin requires the following crucial runtime components to work properly:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or better
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime


To avoid any problem with respect to one or more of the runtime components mentioned above, the Alfrodin installer package takes care to install these components before Alfrodin gets installed.

Q. Do you provide a free of charge version of Alfrodin?

No, but you can download Alfrodin from our website and can test it for a period of 14 days free of charge without any limitations. If Alfrodin fits your requirements, you can buy an Alfrodin lifetime license with an optional support subscription which provides support for using the Alfrodin application and assists in troubleshooting. Subscribers are also authorized to get Alfrodin product updates.

Q. How much do you charge for a single license?

The shop area of the Alfrodin website provides further information on this topic.

Q. I'm not sure whether Alfrodin will be fulfilling my requirements. Is there more information about the specific Alfrodin functionality?

Yes, of course. Please feel free to download the Alfrodin Manuals from the Alfrodin website free of charge.

Q. If I have any further questions with respect to Alfrodin. Is there a way to clearify questions ahead of purchasing your product?

Yes, sure. Please feel free to send us an e-mail with your questions. We'll do our best to provide you all the information do you need.